#FreedomFriday: 52 incredible photos of women who changed the world.




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I love the Armenian woman guarding her home!

Great stuff! I can’t understand some of the treatment of women across history. As innocuous as it is compared to a lot of the other things I really find the marathon one confusing. Why would a woman running a marathon be offensive or dangerous? I mean they were already running in events in the Olympics. And in Boston? I thought they were pretty progressive in the north east.





As archaeologists continue to clear dirt and stone slabs from the entrance of a huge tomb in Greece, excitement is building over what excavators may find inside.

The monumental burial complex — which dates back to the fourth century B.C., during the era of Alexander…

I need to send this to Harry Nicolson !
He must be so excited, also he probably knows all the people involved in the dig.

Very cool. I wonder what they will find. Would love to hear him discuss it.






Floating City Cardboard Sculpture by Nina Lindgren

Exposed to the Art Gallery Art Rebels in Copenhagen, “Floating City” is a cardboard sculpture created by a Swedish illustrator and designer Nina Lindgren. This incredible structure measuring about two meters of diameter and is made simply with cardboard and glue for a truly creative and unique result.

Project for Claude? ;-)

Indeed! Looks like fun

Brilliant. Saw this a while ago. Love it. I love the jumbled pile of buildings. Similar to the back of the castle in Spirited Away of the jumble of parts in Howls Moving Castle or the city in the game Machinarium. Also some old houses with random bits and castles and middle eastern buildings with bits built out the side.